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Preschool Poor, and The New American Dream

You know what “house poor” is, right?  That’s when a person spends more than a proportionate amount of their income on the home, which usually leaves them strapped for cash for other bills, and you know, life.

Well, I’m not house poor.  I’m preschool poor.

The amount I spend on my daughter’s preschool education is almost as much as I pay for my monthly mortgage.  It’s not even a fancy, rich people preschool.  It IS a Montessori school, but when I compared the rates between her school and several other non-Montessori schools, it was basically the same.

Which leads me to believe: being able to afford preschool is the New American Dream.  Being able to afford a trip to Disneyland is also the New American Dream.  Being able to afford a full tank of gas AND a full cart of groceries is the New American Dream.  Paying all of your utility bills at the same time is the New American Dream.

The New American Dream is pretty depressing.