I Interrogate My Parents…About My Daughter’s Poop

I work on Sundays and I’m super duper crazy lucky that my parents willingly watch my daughter for me.  She loves spending time at their house and I love watching an amazing relationship develop between granddaughter and grandparents.

That being said, Sunday Funday comes with a price.  When I come to retrieve my monster, I hit the folks with the following line of questions:

“Did she poop?  How many times?  What did it look like?  Was it big or small?  One piece or several?  Did it look hard?  Was it pebbly?  What color?  Did she have to work to get it out?”

I’m not a fecalpheliac*.  I swear.  I’m just a big believer that our bowel movements tell us what’s going on with our health.  You can tell if you’re dehydrated, need more fiber (or less fiber), consuming too much iron or other minerals, or possibly have an infection.

And look, this is a real thing.  It’s called the Bristol Stool Form Scale.  Click on the photo to get more info (it’s not graphic or gross).


Also, my brother says that if you look at your poop, it means you’re a sensitive human being.  Be sensitive, friends.

* DO NOT, under any circumstances, Google “fecalpheliac.”  Don’t do it.  It’s awful.


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